Our history of
passion and commitment

The company was born in the fifties, from a passion of the founder Francesco Pierini for mechanical processing, with the dream of passing on his vision of the future to his family.

Ours is a story of family commitment and passion.

Over the years, the Olma company has specialized in the processing of special steels.

At the age of 19, the eldest son, Roberto Pierini, joined the company as a CNC operator, learning to program and manage the production department.

He later embarks on a formative trip to Japan, where the metalworking industries possessed advanced technology. This will help him later to take the company on the next step.

The second son, Fabio Pierini, joined the company at the age of 20.

At the beginning he worked as a logistic operator(while he was graduating in Business and Economics), he now takes care of the financial, accounting and commercial part of the company.


It has gradually transformed from a small family business to a company, expanding the turning spaces and acquiring another space for the new grinding department.


The recycling of metals allows us to respect the environment through the re-use of raw materials from steel, otherwise devoid of any other usefulness. This action contributes to relocation into the production system rather than dismissing them forever.